Clearance FAQ's

All guides for obtaining clearance.
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Clearance FAQ's

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Why do we have clearance?
There are a number of reasons the UK Ghostbusters has clearance. First and foremost, certain events request our participation and we aim to give them the best Ghostbusters experience we can. By having good equipment and uniforms and best representing what has been seen in the movies, cartoon and comics, we can assure event organizers that we will deliver a true Ghostbusters experience for their events. Clearance also helps you, by using this guide it will help you get correct parts and equipment. The last thing we want to see is someone spending time, effort and money on something that isn’t clearable. This guide outlines what is and isn’t clearable.

WHAT Does clearance mean?
The large majority of events are open to all UK Ghostbusters members, both cleared and non cleared. Now and again, the UK Ghostbusters will be requested to attend a particular event. These events are cleared members only. We aim to give these events the best Ghostbusters experience we can. Clearance also means that you can contribute to and operate the group table at an event. We regularly collect for Vasculitis UK and as such only cleared members are permitted to man the table.

How do I meet clearance?
Each section of this guide outlines clearly what is and isn’t clearable. The main clearance staple is that your gear shouldn’t look visibly cardboard. We aim to make replicas that look like actual pieces of equipment, seeing cardboard ribs and sticky tape ruins this illusion. Cardboard can be used but isn’t a recommended build material. Plating cardboard in styrene sheet can really have superb results.
To become a cleared member of the UK Ghostbusters, all you need is a cleared uniform. You do not need a proton pack, trap etc. All you need is the base uniform.
Each replica you make must be submitted for clearance. These will be approved by the UK Ghostbusters admins and moderators.
You can find information on the various uniform and equipment parts in the guide section, starting on pg 5. This way, you’ll ensure that your gear is clearable.

I want to get started, how long will it take to make?
Really, that’s up to you and the build materials you choose. A proton pack can take anywhere from a few months all the way up to a year! This also depends greatly on your experience of building and the level of detail you’re striving towards. The absolute best piece of advice we can give is, do not rush. The temptation to see your uniform and equipment ready as fast as possible is big, but taking your time and researching other people’s builds will ensure that your replicas will be superb. We understand that these props take time and care to build, this is partly why all you need to become a cleared member is a clearable uniform.
how much will this cost me?
Again, this depends greatly on your budget. The guide will help you in determining what route to go down with your builds and outlines the cost of each option. We’ll freely admit that overall, it is not a cheap hobby to get into. Some members have spent thousands of pounds making their gear. We suggest you take your time as this will help spread the cost. It also helps before starting your build to create a shopping list of all the parts you need. You can then prioritize what you need first and see your overall cost.

Only if you want to bring the equipment to a cleared event. You can only bring the cleared parts of your costume to cleared events. If you want to have your equipment cleared, it will need to be submitted for clearance the same way you submit your uniform (see below).

Not at all, your uniform would still be cleared. It would only mean that should you choose to attend cleared events, your non cleared equipment would have to stay at home. At non cleared events, youʼre perfectly ok to wear your non cleared equipment.

You will need to take some photographs of your costume. This must include:
1 full body shot of you in just your uniform from the front 1 full body shot of you in just your uniform from the back 1 full body shot of you in just your uniform from the left 1 full body shot of you in just your uniform from the right
When submitting equipment for clearance, please include photos from different angles so we can see the whole prop.
We recommend you post these on our forum or our Facebook page first so we can give you helpful tips if you are not quite there yet.
When you are happy and ready, submit these photographs to

If your costume is clearable, congratulations! You will be inducted into the Cleared Members section, have your cleared photos on the cleared members section on and will be invited to any events which are Cleared Members Only (CMO).

useful tips
  • 1. Take your time and go slow. Building these replicas takes time and patience, don’t try to rush and put unachievable deadlines on yourself. These things get done when they get done. Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither was a proton pack!
  • 2. Use recommended sellers where possible.
  • 3. Research research and more research! Read build threads to learn techniques and building tips,
    use photos of the screen-used props and film stills to help you when building.
  • 4. Budget as best as you can and make a list of the parts you need. This will help you keep track of
    the cost and what parts to buy, it’s very easy to forget pieces!
  • 5. Sign up to the forum at and start a build thread. Other
    members can see your progress, offer advice and furthermore, your thread will also help in aiding other members in the future!
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