UKGB Reviews: Tobin's Spirit Guide {3/7/2016}

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UKGB Reviews: Tobin's Spirit Guide {3/7/2016}

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ImageIt seems forever ago when we placed our pre-order for this, and so you can imagine the excitement seeing the tired, dishevelled postman hand over a slightly buffed Amazon box! After almost removing the arm of the said postman, and squiggling some sort of electric signature on his pad, the door was barely shut when the package was ripped open.

And it's beautiful - you can't help but stare at the cover for a while! Luckily the awaiting pages do not drop the bar and look just as awesome!
However, at first glance you may be curious about the thickness of the book - a complete Tobin's Guide, with every single spook, spectre and ghost must surely be a behemoth of a book? Although by no means a short page-flicker, this is not what the average GhostHead would picture an ecto-encyclopaedia to be. But a reassuring welcome from Ray Stantz immediately addresses this in the forward.

Ray explains that he and Egon wanted to pass on knowledge and insight into the average citizen so that they might survive a paranormal experience. However, considering the unabridged TSG weighs around 35 pounds, it did not prove to be ​"convenient as a go-to reference" for the modern-day spook-chaser.

So they decided to take the relevant sections of the guide and add information from their own cases so that they can offer "helpful information in layman's terms without breaking anyone's back in the process".

This leads us to a fun, informative and (most importantly) portable go-to ghost guide. Divided into 6 sections, ranging from minor miscreants all the way up to deity's of destruction, readers get to brush up on a selection of ghouls in satisfying bite-size morsels from the films, cartoons, video game and comics.

You really can't help but hear the voice of Stantz with every word you read, which is not all too surprising considering it was written by Eric Burnham who, through the popular IDW comic series, has already proven his skills, knowledge and passion with these characters.

Along with Burnham's words, we are treated to some fantastic illustrations, brought to life by artist Kyle Hotz (also from IDW fame). Hotz's depictions of the dead bring a little more grit and horror that really fit in well in this book.

All-in-all, this is a great addition to any fan's collection! The only issue we had is it left us wanting more. Let's hope a second volume may be on the horizon!

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