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  • This week in Ghostbusters

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    This week in Ghostbusters

    Here's a roundup of the latest Ghostbusters news from the past week:
    1. 40th Anniversary Celebration: The original Ghostbusters movie returned to select theatres on June 8th to celebrate its 40th anniversary. Screenings took place in over two dozen locations across the U.S. and Canada. Fans flocked to theatres to relive the classic comedy on the big screen once again (Ghostbusters News).
    2. Ghostbusters Day in Los Angeles: The city of Los Angeles declared June 8th as Ghostbusters Day, commemorating
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  • Ghostbusters Turns 40: A Celebration of a Cinematic Classic

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    Ghostbusters Turns 40: A Celebration of a Cinematic Classic

    In 1984, a group of unconventional heroes took the world by storm, armed not with capes or superpowers but with proton packs and an Ecto-1. "Ghostbusters," a film blending comedy, science fiction, and supernatural thrills, has since become a cultural phenomenon. Now, four decades later, it's time to look back and celebrate the enduring legacy of this iconic film, particularly its impact on audiences in the UK.

    The Birth of a Phenomenon
    Directed by Ivan Reitman and written...
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  • We're BACK!

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    We're BACK!

    Hello, and welcome to the brand-new UK Ghostbusters website, forum, and community.

    We are still arranging the tables and shining the firepoles, so please bear with us; there's more to come.

    For now, why not register and share your Ghostbusters story with us?

    The UK Ghostbusters are back!...
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